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VACUUM PUMP WORK FAT 20-66.1lbs D.300-350


eBay Abdullah Mechanics & Safety Abdullah a dynamic company that has over 35 years of experience in the field. Mission of the company is the distribution of mechanical components and technical articles for industry in various industries such as welding, cutting, transmission (belts, gearboxes, bearings, electric motors), pneumatics, hydraulics, technical clothing, Manual and electric tool ...  More

Water truck, wildfire response, fire truck, vacuum truck, water hauler


eBay Best value for truck of this type and weight, hi performance cummins motor with 6 speed Allison automatic and high low transfer. Text me 8018852070 and I can give more pics and answer questions.

Goossen Vacuum Trailer Sweeper, PTO Driven


eBay Goossen Vacuum Trailer Sweeper, PTO Driven Same Unit as the Toro Versa-Vacuum System Tested and all works Good, newer driven output shaft changed that is coming out of the vacuum system that hooks to tractor PTO shaft. All bearings are Good/ Quiet bearings! Please note: Had this Unit Tested by 60HP tractor. I do not have a tractor on site to show the buyer how this Unit works ((((( Trailer Si ...  More



eBay We introduce VACUUM FILTER for filtering liquids from residues. Filtrating process is based on negative pressure made in filtration tank. The liquid is drawn in inside the filter tank by negative pressure. The residues accumulate on the filterig material making the so-called filter cake. The clean oil/ liquid is going inside the filter tank. This filter is easy to use and thanks to the reusab ...  More

2L Oil Suction Pump Fluid Extractor Honey Vacuum Fuel Car Motor Boat Transfer


eBay Similar Items Description Feature: The 12V pump for the original product, the use of high-quality vacuum pumps, vacuum using the principle of first oil pumped container, the container has a capacity scale can be observed in the amount of oil extracted. You can also draw other liquids.It Can be used to extract honey Package included: 1x Strong suction vacuum pump 1x 2L oil bottle 1x Battery sw ...  More

MadVac Compact Sweeper Vacuum Filters


eBay 2 Madvac air filter , bags and manual not sure how many bags are here but all will be included will throw in the manual also , sold machine thanks



Soil moisture Corp Vacuum Hand Pump with Gauge 2005G2


Supco VG640T Vacuum Sentry with Local Alarms and Remote Alarm




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