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Bee Hive - 8 Frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit and Beekeeping Supplies


YOU'VE JUST FOUND THE EASIEST WAY TO START BEEKEEPING. Perfect Unassembled Hives for Beginners and Pro Beekeepers Alike. Get All The Equipment You Need In One Place Right Now, Make a Real Difference For the Environment, and Start Having Years of Fun! OUR 8-FRAME BEE HIVE STARTER KIT GIVES YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED (EXCEPT THE BEES!) TO WORK LIKE THE PROS. All the Beekeeping Supplies to Get Started, ...  More

DEEP BEE HIVE WOOD FRAME FEEDER 44.5cmX 22.5cm aprox. 500g


DEEP BEE HIVE WOOD FRAME FEEDER 44.5cmX 22.5cm aprox. 500g as picture is This wooden feeder is sealed with waterproof PVA glue with a Bitumen outer coat, and tested for leaks before dispatch. Avoid squashing or dropping which may damage the seal leading to a leak. A handy hint in such a case to fix your leak is to melt a couple of ounces of bees wax in a measuring jug by microwaving it. Then pour ...  More

Hive Frame Holder Framegrip Steel Capture/ wooden handle / Beekeeping Tool


NEW Grip for Frame handeling The Framegrip is a helpful tool when removing frames from your hives.The built in spring ensures that the grip will open easily after use. Dimensions: - Height - 10.5cm (4.1") , width - 12 cm (4.7") - Material: steel , wood. FEEDBACK If you are satisfied with your purchase, I would appreciate your positive feedback. if you have any issues with the item, please contact ...  More

Hive 10-Frame


You are buying a Hive that includes:Telescoping top, inner cover, IPM screened bottom board, entrance reducer, 2 unassembled commercial deep hive bodies, and 3 unassembled commercial medium supers. Frames and Foundation sold separately..hive is not painted. Pic shows assembled but you are buying deep hive bodies and supers unassembled.10-Frame Beginner's Hive! Says Unassembled but all components a ...  More

Hive Frame Steel Holder Capture Beekeeping Accessory


Hive Frame Steel Holder Capture Beekeeping Accessory Description .Condition: Brand new.A very useful tool during harvesting. Lifting the frames from the hive becomes an easy job. You will discover how handy it is when you use it. .Material: Stainless Steel.Package Included:1*Hive Frame Holder Payment We ONLY accept payment via PayPal and appreciate your prompt payment. Shipping & Handling Item ...  More

Bee Hive Frames for Shallow Honey Super / Shallow Box - Assembled w/ Foundations


Langstroth Standards Beehive Wood Frames and Foundations for Shallow Honey Super or Shallow Hive box. Shallow Wood Frames with Foundations for Shallow Honey Super or Shallow Hive Box. Size is 5 3/8 inches from top to bottom and fits in a 5 5/8 inch shallow box. The frames are completely assembled. All joints are glued and stapled. Foundations are a solid plastic foundation coated generously with b ...  More

NEW Beekeepers J Hook shaped hive tool Stainless Steel Hook frame lift Scraper


Bee Hive Frame Holder Lifter Capture Grip Tool Alloy BeeKeeping


Bee Hive 5 Frame Screened Bottom Board Bee Keeping


Bee Hive 10 Frame Shallow Honey Super 5 11/16" Bee Keeping


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