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3/4" to 1" inch w/Step Key Gas Engine pulley Crank Shaft Sleeve adapter Predator


Description: A steel shaft adapter to convert a crankshaft from 3/4 to 1 inch shaft. The adapter is approximately 3 inches long and includes the step key needed to go from the 1/4 in key way to the 3/16 key way. A very handy way to use your old pulley on a new engine.The shaft adapter with special step key is show in the 3D model. The yellow is the key and the blue is the adapter sleeve as viewed ...  More

6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine MiniBike Go Cart Snowblower FEDEX


6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA/CARB - FREE FEDEX FROM USA!!!Replacement for 6.5 HP Gasoline EnginesThis Predator 212cc gasoline engine has gas-saving overhead valves for cooler, cleaner performance and longer life. The horizontal shaft is ball-bearing mounted, making this gas engine an ideal replacement for most standard engine configurations. The powerful gas engine features a ...  More

High Tension Magneto Buzz Coil Hit Miss Engine Maytag Gas Motor Spark Plug


Description: This is a first class gas engine coil. This coil is designed for your engine made in true old world style. The box measures 3.5 inches wide, 6 inches long and 3.25 inches tall. It is oak with finger jointed corners and a removable top for serviceability. The coil features genuine KW points, the correct condenser for long life, solid brass bolts and thumb nuts. A Phelon coil delivers a ...  More

Red Kote Quart Coat Gas Oil Diesel Fuel Tank Sealer Liner Patch Hit Miss Engine


Description: This is a very high end and good quality gas tank sealer. We have used this in our shop for many years and have now added it to our list of items we offer our customers. Red Kote is resistant to alcohol and most other fuel additives, it stays flexible/won't crack or peal off, bright in color so you can see if you have good coverage, covers rust and prevents further rusting, seals leak ...  More

7/8" to 1" inch w/Step Key Gas Engine pulley Crank Shaft Sleeve adapter Predator


Brought to you by Ebay's largest seller of NEW, Used and Rebuilt Maytag engine parts. Over 10 years in the business and with the last couple being spent a lot on Ebay we are quickly becoming one of the top Maytag sellers out there. Your one stop shop for Parts relating to Antique Maytag Gas Engines. We have a large selection of in stock parts and also custom build anything you might need. And as a ...  More

Briggs & Stratton 20 HP Platinum Series Vertical Engine 1"x3-5/32" #40R877-0004


Briggs & Stratton 20 HP Platinum Series Engine 1" x 3-5/32" #40R877-0004 Less Tank / Less Muffler Not for use on riders with electric clutch. 3amp charging alternator for battery, will not power electric clutch. Engine works great for riding mowers with manual deck engagement Item Number: 40R877-0004 Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton Item Condition: BRAND NEW Less Tank / Less Muffler BRIGGS ...  More

Little Brother Hit & Miss Casting Kit




Crank shaft Adapter Taper to 1" Inch Generator Pressure Washer Engine bushing


NEW 6.5HP Gas Engine Electric Start Side Shaft 6.5 HP CARROLL STREAM MOTOR CO. B


Briggs&Stratton 8.50 TP Professional Series Vertical Shaft Engine #121R02-0110


Hit & Miss Gas Flywheel Engine Cart Bolster Front Fifth Rear Wheels Truck Axle


Lifan Engine 7 HP 212cc OHV Electric Start 3/4" x 2-7/16" #LF170F-BDQ


High Tension Magneto Coil Hit Miss Engine Scale Model Ignition 4 Maytag Upright


Briggs&Stratton 27 HP 810cc Professional Series Engine 49T877-0004 #49T877-0006


Maytag & Small Engine Truck Cart Kit Briggs Hit Miss Axle Wheel Gas Motor


Red Wing Engine ΒΌ Scale Hit Miss Constr/Instru PhotoCD


hit and miss engine


Paper Karropak Gasket Material Hit & Miss Engine Car Truck Carburetor Gas Oil


International LA LB 1.5 2.5 HP Flywheel Crank Handle Spring Gas Engine motor IHC


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